Is Your AdSense Site Headed In The Right Direction?

The right direction for a site is to always do it better, grow and earn more money. Has that been happening with using Google AdSense to monetize your site?

Some people take this ad publishing business seriously and others don’t. If you’re making $100/month, you’re probably not super motivated to grow your website into an actual business. But I think once you hit a certain price point of say $2,000/month you start to really think that this is an actual business and there is money to be made.

Why You Shouldn’t Use AdSense As A Business Model Forever

Do you really want to rely on another company to send you your paycheck? (doesn’t this feel like you work for Google?)

I believe you are truly missing out on a ton of money if you just create sites, sit on them and let AdSense earn you cash. There are tons of different options and things you can do to earn money from your site beyond AdSense. I think you should look at AdSense like a stepping stone. It’s a great way to earn money off the get-go and will help you further develop your site to earn even more money. Then you move on to the next way to earn money through your site.

The Next Step After AdSense

There are several steps you can take to move past earning money through AdSense. There’s really a lot to cover so I will leave those details for later posts. But here is just a short list.

  • Sell a product you make or acquire
  • Earn money through Affiliates (sell someone else’s product)
  • Sell high-quality content beyond what you already provide for free (e-book, memberships, etc..)
  • Sell the site
  • Use a marketing/advertising agency to find high profile advertisers and/or sponsors.
  • Sell ad space directly to advertisers

I would say if your site is earning over $2,000 a month, then I think it’s time for you to look at your site as a business and look into other ways to earn money without having to rely on Google, Yahoo, Kontera, etc..

Smart Priced By AdSense? Here’s How I Removed It Using Channels

I’ve seen a few people post on forums on how they were able to un-do their smart pricing and increase their eCPM. So I thought I would give it a shot even though I use channels all the time. About 2 days after yanking them my eCPM shot up over $2, though the CTR dropped. My earnings have more than doubled and has been consistent for the past week. It’s still driving me a little crazy not having channels though. And now I’m afraid to put them back on and I’m not sure when I would want to.

How does this happen?
I really have no clue… AdSense really leaves us in the dark on this one. Maybe they use channel data in determining to smart price an account. Which really I would think they would use individual page data for that, but who knows. Maybe taking off the channels just ’shocked’ the account and it may temporarily give it it’s original eCPM before the smart pricing effect. We will see.

So if you’re desperate give it a shot… I have watched my eCPM drop by over $10 for the past few years. So this was worth it for me…

Is Rand Fishkin The New Danny Sullivan?

Rand of SEOmoz is gaining more and more people everyday.. is he out doing Danny Sullivan’s new Search Engine Land? According to their FeedBurner stats… yes SEOMoz is in the lead.  With 16,469 for SEL and 18,220 for SEOmoz. But wait, there’s more…
With the recent announcement of SEOMoz receiving outside capital, this is clearly showing that SEOMoz is becoming very profit & product oriented. Here are something new things they have been doing:

Premium Memberships 

As of this post, looks like they have over 1800 members. Let’s say that everyone bought the full year membership $399, which is the cheapest rate, they have earned at least $700,000 so far… my guess is that they are pushing $1 million.

Individually Priced Content

If you’re not interested in a membership then you can purchase individual reports as well. It’s hard to say how many people have purchased those reports but I’m sure this has helped them push their gross sales to over $1,000,000.

Alright, we know Rand is beating Danny with blog subscribers Danny still has his conferences which appear to be quite successful. So Danny has the upperhand when you compare Rand’s premium content membership to Danny’s conferences.

So Here’s What’s Going To Happen…

With Rands recent outside capital, I believe they will begin to build up SEOmoz to a huge corporate resource for SEO’s. As you know in a few days they will be hosting an SEOmoz Premium training seminar. I believe that within a year they will be coming out with plans to host more seminars across the country and will eventually turn into full-blow conferences such as SMX by Danny.

Danny’s come out strong with SEL and SMX, but I think Rand will have the power and ability to get ahead within a few years. He has some fresh ideas and I think he is just as well known within the community as Danny. His ‘organic’ tactics and feel and his ability to really relate and communicate in a fun professional way will drive a ton of people to his conferences and memberships.

So look out Danny… Rand is coming and coming fast.
P.S. I have a ton of respect for both of these guys and I hope they both do well…

10 Mistakes That Are Killing Your AdSense Earnings

Set it and forget it? No, no my friend. If you plan to grow your AdSense account these are 10 things you must do or you’re just going backwards.

1. Optimization & Testing

Now your AdSense ads aren’t blue and black with borders around them are they? Optimization, optimization, optimization. It’s one of the key things you need to be done consistantly to improve your earnings. You will be amazed how much you can earn through basic optimization. I have a site that’s had AdSense on it for over 3 years and to this day (even today) I continue to optimize & test ad layouts; positioning, ads types, colors, etc..

Valuable Resources:
Official AdSense optimization help center

CrazyEgg - Great for testing new layouts

2. You’re Not Researching

Your not subscribing to any AdSense/Make Money Blogs and your not reading the top AdSense related forums. These communities will provide you with so much information it will overwhelm you… and that’s a good thing!

Valueable Resources:
Digital Point

Webmaster World

Google Groups 

DaAdSense Code

Make Easy Money With Google

Online AdSwami 

Self Made Minds

Website Publisher Blog




3. Not Knowing Which Pages Are Your Money Makers

Do you ever carefully look at your stats to see which pages have the higher eCPM and CTR? I should be able to ask you which are the top 5 earners on any given site of yours. These are the pages you push, market and really optimize for greater earnings.

4. You’re Not Reading The Official AdSense Blog

They are always adding and updating with AdSense and sometimes you just might miss some important things that could earning you more money or save you from losing it all. Please subscribe to it now.

5. You’re Placing AdSense Ads On Every Single Page

You know what? not every page is going to convert. Face the fact that some pages, no matter how optimized, are never going to earn as much as others. This is where you have to start thinking outside the box and open yourself up to possibly using another contextual network, banners or affiliates to earn your pages’ potential.

6. Your Not Documenting Your Earnings

Everyday I document all my earnings from all the advertising channels. This allows me to view overall earnings data on a day to day, week to week, month to month, and year to year. How else do you really know where you are going? and the reasons why? And where you have been so you can prepare for the future

7. Your Not Paying Attention To Your Advertisers

Arbitrage. I hope you have heard of it. There are tons of junk sites advertising on AdWords to turn around and flip their visitors to clicking on Yahoo or even more Google ads to make a quick buck. It’s sites like these that have the possibility of brining your earnings down and forcing out that real converting advertisers from your site.

8. You Have Not Read & Re-Read AdSense TOS & Policies

Go read them today. Here and Here. I guarantee that after you read these you will save yourself hours of posting on forums for help. Plus this will keep you out of trouble and to prevent your account from being banned.

9. You’re Chasing After The Wrong Things

Don’t waste your money on top paying keyword lists and don’t waste your time targeting huge general markets such as business, finance, health, etc.. Start with a topic you love and or that genuinely interests you. That should be your starting point.

10. You’re Chewing Not Doing

Ok maybe the title was kinda corky but really.. what I’m saying is you can’t just spend your entire day browsing forums and reading blogs… eating up (or chewing on) information. You need to get out there and write, promote and optimize. If that means you need to give up one of those and contract it out so be it. I would suggest spending no more than 1 hour a day reading blogs and browsing forums. Get to researching and coming up with new things to right about. Do backlink checks on your competitors and see the new links they just got while you were reading, start creating channels in your AdSense account so that you can optimize efficiently and figure out what ad layout will work for each page.

Making $36,000 A Year From A Penny? Yes Pennies Still Have Value

I was doing a little AdSense calculating today which I normally won’t do because I can do better things with my time. But it wasn’t until I really started analyzing my cost per click that I started to become amazed at how dealing with a very small number can make a huge difference! For instance, one site of mine can be anywhere in the $0.024 per click range, yes that’s a 0.024 which is almost 2 1/2 pennies. I punched in all my other normal numbers and got a daily total of around $250. I then decided to change my cpc down to just a solid $0.02 which then tells me I would earn around $210. Maybe on a good day I would earn $0.029 per click which would give me around $305. That’s almost a $100/day difference (or $36,000 a year) with just 1 penny! Even a fraction of a penny could be worth $15,000 a year. When your pulling in a lot of traffic, very small numbers can make a huge difference. So please don’t forget that pennies really do add up and next time you see one on the ground, pick it up and keep it, or your basically saying I’m worth more than $36,000 a year to pick up a penny.